poetry reading

I have a super cool new friend! We went to this poetry reading tonight that's part of the Split this Rock Festival. Good job guys, my interest in poetry is renewed.

I forgot my camera unfortunately, so instead I'll share one of the poems. It's a funny, but the tones ranged. I need to find Carolyn Forche's poem about her struggle with cancer. She described the period of sickness as a type of limbo, similar to the space between one language and another. She says it better. Thank you poets.

as a disclaimer, i'm not so sure how copy laws apply to blogs but i just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Ved this from the following site... http://washingtonart.com/beltway/carroll.html

Kenneth Carroll


it was right about the time they started drafting for the iraqi war
snookie came to sign up but he didn't walk through the door,

instead he leaped like a madman right through the plate glass
& kicked the recruiting sergeant square in his no-good ass

he said, "i wanna go to the desert, kill some arab chump
& drink his hot blood like water from a barnyard pump

i wanna get bit on my nose by a scorpion wit a bad attitude
i wanna smoke twelve packs a day & eat snake heart for food

i wanna drink poison gas with a side order of sand
& dance with a nuclear missile while digging the junkyard band

i wanna jump in an oil well & get real slick
then have me a party with some them mooslim chicks

cause i'm snookie johnson from a bad neighborhood
& when i get ciced up i don't mean nobody good

so sign me up sergeant & sign me up fast
i'm just raring to kick me some motherfuckin ass"

the sergeant looked at snookie with nothing but disgust
knowing he was the kind of nigga can't nobody trust

"you too damn crazy for the military," the sarge said wit a frown
snookie gave him a sheet of paper & said, "yo man, write dat down."


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